How to quickly learn English?

Many people, when undertaking a foreign language learning process, believe that they will learn English very quickly by the power of their will. Expectations towards learning can be deceptive and demotivating at the same time, thus the enthusiasm decreases. Lack of a teaching concept, setting specific goals and staggering them over time can lead to failure. However, it is enough to use the help of available language learning tools to make it effective and ensure your success. Which form is the best to use? There is no unequivocal and universal answer to this question, because each of us is different, has different preferences, abilities and needs. It is worth adjusting the form and type of learning so that the teaching process is as individual as possible. So how do you learn English?

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How to quickly learn to speak English?

Communication in language is paramount. We learn English to be able to communicate thanks to the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. A major drawback in people who learn a language is the blockage in speaking. Despite their excellent knowledge of the language and its understanding, they cannot express themselves fluently and freely. Spontaneity in conversations requires a lot of exercise, but also openness, self-confidence, which is often lacking in students who are afraid of making a mistake in their speech. Learning to speak in English is conducive to conversations with native speakers. During the conversation, there is no other option than talking in English, this prompts the interlocutors to strain their mind and build their speech relatively quickly and correctly. Any conversation opportunity is good. The interlocutor does not have to be a teacher, a native speaker, it can be a friend from the group, a neighbor or a person met on a chat online. Thus, communication in English can be practiced for free. There are many mediation platforms for finding a companion for language practice. It is worth remembering that not only oral statements develop, also conducting discussions on forums can have an educational value. However, if we prefer to practice with a professional language teacher via Skype. The question of how to quickly learn to speak English is relative and depends on our language predispositions and other factors as well.

How to quickly learn to read English?

Reading competence is one of the examination areas. To learn to read, you just need to read a lot in a foreign language. There are plenty of opportunities for this. It is worth diversifying the repertoire of literature, starting at the basic level, from short readings, fairy tales and short stories, short stories containing several hundred words and covering simple grammatical structures, a dictionary of several thousand words. Over time, you can reach for more ambitious novel publications, industry articles, scientific articles or newspapers. An excellent basis for reading are English-language blogs and information portals in English (BBC, CNN, ABC, Newsweek, Bloomberg). Access to them is free. The more we read, the smoother we read.
However, it is not enough to be able to read aloud or "silently", but with understanding. Thanks to reading, you can expand your passive dictionary as well as learn a number of grammatical structures. When reading English-language literature, it is worth using a dictionary. According to some, it is the best way to learn a language in general, not just to improve reading.